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What You Should Kow About Ordering Your GEM Car Parts Online

GEM electric cars have gained increased reputation in the past decade. With the cars using 100% electric power and emitting no harmful gases to the environment, you can see why so many people are keen on getting one.

One challenge however, is getting GEM car parts. Not that the parts aren’t locally available but since most people prefer ordering GEM car parts online, a number of owners have been asking whether or not making orders over the internet is indeed the right option.

  • Stiffer competition and no middlemen always results in better deals

The first advantage of ordering your parts online is that you’re always more likely to get a better deal on the internet. There are many reasons for this. First, the online competition being so stiff often means that GEM car parts dealers are willing to offer bigger discounts to outdo their rivals, to the advantage of the consumer.

Another reason you should be shopping for all your GEM car parts online is because it allows you to deal directly with the seller – no middleman. Middlemen, as you will have discovered, have to be paid a commission for all sales they initiate. Since the dealer can’t make a loss on any sale, the said commission is often charged on the buyer leading to inflated prices.

  • You don’t have to buy from retailers

In the chain of sellers, the retailer often comes at the very end; no wonder it’s more expensive to buy from them. Typically, the chain starts with the manufacturer. Those who can buy from manufacturers get their parts for very low prices. The manufacturer doesn’t have to account for transportation cost which is one reason for the lower prices. Wholesalers buy in bulk from the manufacturer. The goods often come with significant discounts and a whole lot of other benefits. Retailers then have to buy from wholesalers. You can see that by the time the retailer stocks his/her shop with the parts in question, they will have incurred a lot of costs, costs often transferred to the customer in order to maintain profit margins.

Online GEM car parts dealers deal directly with manufacturers or distributors which puts them at the level of wholesalers. As such, online prices are always lower.

  • Better customer support

Online part dealers are also better with customer support. Imagine if you wanted to replace a part today and you had the choice of a brick and mortar store and an online dealer. First, brick and mortar stores hardly help you through the decision making process. Before you arrive at their doorstep, you may not even be aware of the range of choices they stock. This limited support is usually translated to the post sales period.

Online dealers on the other hand provide useful decision making tips right from the moment you arrive at their websites. You will learn factors to consider in selecting the part, how to compare one part with another, how to compare dealers, and so much more. You also learn home care and DIY tips that allow you to take good care of your car in the future. As if that’s not enough, you always get 24/7 support.

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With the advent of technology, it has become very easy to locate the best online GEM car parts dealers. You can always navigate to the testimonial or customer review section to see what past customers have to say.

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