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Top Reasons You Should Consider Using a GEM Car

If you are considering using a GEM electric car, there are several reasons that will support your decision.


Environmentally Friendly
The number one reason to consider using a GEM electric car is that they are environmentally friendly.   A GEM electric car is a 100% electric, battery-powered compact vehicle that not only can save gasoline but can also save our environment. Additionally, GEM electric cars produce zero CO2 emissions or pollution. By switching to sustainable technologies, you are contributing to protecting the environment from harsh pollution created from the usage of fuel-powered vehicles.

Convenient Battery Charging
Yet another advantage of using a GEM electric car is the fact that you can charge the battery between uses.  The best part about GEM electric cars is that they do not require gasoline to be powered!  GEM electric cars are powered by a battery that is compatible with 110-volt outlets. It takes six to eight hours for the battery to be charged completely from a total discharged state, and once it reaches a full charge, the GEM electric car can travel up to 40 miles.  The charging process for GEM electric cars is convenient because they can be charged anywhere and at virtually any time of day.

Cost Effective
GEM electric cars are ideal to use for transportation needs or for utility purposes at facilities.  Statistics prove that using a GEM electric car results in 64% lower ownership costs compared to using a full-sized vehicle.  As far as transportation usage, a GEM electric car will cost approximately $11,000 compared to a relatively new fuel-powered vehicle.  Consider usage of 3,600 miles per year-- the cost of utilizing electricity for your GEM electric car will average to about $600, whereas fuel for a standard vehicle will average to approximately $2,000.

An Abundance of Upgrades and Accessories
An excellent benefit of using GEM electric cars is the option to install a solar panel to increase time between charges and preserve the life of the battery.  There are several other accessories available to customize your GEM electric car for utility purposes, such as the trademarked clip-in Stake-Back, which a sturdy case that holds cargo. There are several other add-on accessories to transform your GEM electric car, like removable doors, rear-view mirrors, rear bumpers, PA systems, stereo systems, dash fans, and windshield wipers.  If you will be using your car for golfing, there are specially designed attachable golf bag holders available as well.

The versatile GEM electric car is a truly great alternative to the traditional golf cart for your low-speed transportation needs.  This low-speed electric car will significantly reduce the production of CO2 emissions, which is one of the primary causes of global warming, as a large portion of CO2 emissions is derived from transportation.  So what are you waiting for? Consider using the GEM electric car today and make a difference in not only your life but in our world!