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Top Industries That Use GEM Cars

At first glance, it may be hard to imagine that a GEM car would be more useful than a traditional vehicle. After all, they are smaller, fit fewer people and require a battery charge. But, it’s these factors that make these types of vehicles highly sought after in many of today’s industries. Just think of all the benefits that these industries could see by choosing GEM cars for their day-to-day tasks:

  • Save money on gas
  • Promote a greener image
  • Increase efficiency on site
  • Secure cargo for quick loading and unloading
  • Sense of security
  • Easy maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Enhance visitor experiences
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for multi-purpose tasks
  • Street legal

So which industries are relying on GEM cars as we speak? Take a look!

  • Colleges and Universities: Student tours, groundskeeping, maintenance, student safety
  • Hotels and Resorts: Guest transportation, security, housekeeping, grounds maintenance
  • Athletics and Entertainment: Guest transportation, safety, food, emergency services
  • Property Management: Guest or renter transportation, security, housekeeping, grounds maintenance
  • Landscaping and Construction: Hauling equipment and materials, room for additional carriers like flatbeds and enclosed carriers
  • Neighborhood and Commuting: Local errands, school drop-offs/pick-ups, sports and extracurricular activities, getting around town
  • Security Patrols and Parking: Routine patrols, security checks, special events, parking lot transportation
  • States, Cities and Municipalities: Safety, security, maintenance, grounds maintenance
  • Federal Government and Military: Troop transport, supply runs, patrol vehicles, groundskeeping, hauling mail or equipment

As you can see, there are many industries that are already enjoying the benefits that GEM vehicles have to offer. These vehicles are available in various models, making it easy to find a car that is right for the application. For instance, a GEM car on a college campus may have extra seats to accommodate student tours, while a GEM car used for landscape maintenance will accommodate a flatbed.

Faster and more practical than walking, yet better for the environment and more affordable than a traditional vehicle, GEM cars are becoming the gold standard for transportation, safety and efficiency for many of today’s industries. At Gem Car Parts Direct, our professional team is committed to helping you find replacement parts for your electric GEM car.