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Top GEM Car Accessories For The Winter

mud flapsFor many people, winter is the time of year when they roll their GEM car into storage for the cold season. But for others, their GEM car gets plenty of use on those crisp days. In fact, there are plenty of great GEM car accessories that can help you get through the cold winter months.

GEM Car Accessories for Winter

  • Heater and Defogger - This handy accessory provides interior cabin heat and helps keep your windows defogged. It includes two upper vents and a lower vent to keep you cozy and warm.
  • Dome Interior Light - A dome light can brighten up your GEM car cabin on those shorter days, providing a little extra safety and allowing you to see what is inside the cabin of your car.
  • Hard Doors - If you currently only have soft doors on your GEM you may want to consider hard doors. These doors protect the cabin and keep you warmer.
  • Soft Weather Enclosures - Soft weather enclosures wrap around your GEM car keeping the elements out. These covers can help keep rain, snow and sleet out, keeping you dry.
  • Mud Flaps - When rain and snow take over the roads, it can leave a nasty mess on your car and on you. Mud flaps can help deflect this mud and debris, keeping you and your car cleaner.
  • Rubber Floor Mats - These mats can easily be cleaned, making them perfect for winter. They protect your floors and are easy to care for.
  • Car Cover - If your car is parked outside, a car cover can protect your car from snow, ice and rain. All you have to do when you are ready to drive is take the cover off and hop in.

These are just a few of the great GEM car accessories that are available to help you get through the winter months. Check out our full line of GEM car accessories at GEM Car Parts Direct to help your winter driving be a bit more comfortable.