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Top GEM Car Accessories for Summer

Summer is nearly here and it is the perfect time to start getting around in your GEM car. If you are looking for some great summer GEM car accessories for your car, try these ones out.

Six Great Summer GEM Car Accessories

  • Get out on the golf course more with the LINKSBACK. This removable bag holder is perfect for the warmer months. You can carry two golf bags easily.
  • Turf Tires are rated for on and off road and are perfect for your GEM car. These tires are allowed on most golf courses allowing you to drive straight out onto the course.
  • Rubber Floor Mats are great for Summer. They will protect your GEM car and allow you to not stress about mud or sand.
  • A Dash Mounted Fan can help circulate air around your GEM car, keeping everyone cool through the summer months. You can install the fan on the driver or passenger side.
  • What good is summer without some tunes? Installing a stereo system in your GEM vehicle can add a whole lot of fun while you are driving around or out on the golf course.
  • If you are looking to block a little heat and protect the inside of your car from the sun and wind you can add the rear window insert. Created from UV-tinted poly carbonate plastic this is a great year round accessory.

If you are looking for great GEM car accessories, check out GEM Car Parts Direct. We stock a full range of accessories and parts for your GEM vehicle.