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Sustainability as a Selling Tool for GEM Cars

Sustainability as a Selling Tool

Industry Spotlight

Companies in the hotel & resort industry continually strive for innovation to engage and attract new customers, and an excellent example of this is Hotel Arista. Located in Naperville, Illinois; Hotel Arista draws in customers with its beautiful facilities, highly qualified staff, and sustainable operations.

Hotel Arista is revered as a 4 Diamond hotel in addition to being LEED and Green Seal certified. General manager, Pierre-Louis Giacotto, describes Hotel Arista as having, “Many green and environmentally friendly practices,” which include water conservation, efficient energy use and a sustainable purchasing policy.

Why GEM® was the Perfect Choice

Hotel Arista’s 32- acre campus requires a reliable vehicle that is spacious enough to carry numerous passengers. Balancing this high capacity with maneuverability was key to ensure that staff could efficiently get in and out of small spaces. In addition to its practical applications, Giacotto remarks that, “…an electric vehicle made perfect sense for us” due to Hotel Arista’s emphasis on sustainability.

Using a GEM® has benefitted Hotel Arista on both sides of its business. Giacotto says that guests, “… only have great comments,” and “are always surprised by the comfort even in the back seats.” Employees also appreciate the soft ride, ease of entry and exit, and quiet engine that comes with owning a GEM® vehicle.

The use of GEM at Hotel Arista has aided in boosting productivity. Giacotto remarks that GEM has improved their business and their, “…ability to reliably transport [their] guests on campus without taking the large shuttle.” In addition to productivity GEM makes both employees’ and guests’ lives easier because, “…anyone can drive this, so it’s easy to have someone available to transport anyone on campus.”

Continuing Successful Growth

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are becoming leading drivers of growth for businesses. Hotel Arista has embodied this trend, and will keep leveraging innovation to make its operations even more efficient. GEM is proud to be a part of the Hotel Arista family, and continues to help businesses as they strive for efficiency and sustainability.