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Popular Uses For a GEM Car

Are you searching for a fun way to travel around your work site or college campus in an eco-friendly and modern way?  

Gone are the days of mopeds and motorized scooters as options for quick transportation.  Polaris has innovated a 100% electric, battery-powered compact vehicle that not only can save gasoline but can also save our environment.  Global Electric Motorcars, or otherwise known as GEM Cars, are classified as low-speed vehicles (LSV) and can reach a top speed of 25 MPH.

Based on the fact that GEM Cars are designed to operate as low-speed vehicles, they should only be driven on roadways with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less.  Based on their convenience and energy-efficiency, GEM Cars are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the country and even some regions of the world!  There are so many unique uses for the GEM Car and lots of locations and terrains that the versatile GEM Car can be driven on.  GEM Cars are ideal for work sites as a transportation vehicle as well as a way to haul loads or equipment and distribute goods.  GEM Cars are also significantly more cost-efficient compared to fuel-powered vehicles.

GEM Cars are a great alternative to the golf cart, which is not only being used on the fairway

Even though golf carts have been widely used for decades, they are not eco-friendly and have several other disadvantages compared to the GEM Car.  In addition to being used on the green, GEM Cars can be driven around gated communities for security patrolling.  The ergonomic design of the interior of GEM Cars makes for a comfortable ride as well as the curved roof design that protects passengers from the elements.  The compact structure of GEM Cars are also perfect for patrolling parking lots in addition to patrolling street parking meters.

Certainly you have spotted golf carts being driven around sports arenas or entertainment venues

Pretty soon, you will be doing a double-take as GEM Cars are whizzing past you and your friends at the next outdoor event you attend.  The open design of GEM Cars allow for easy entry and re-entry of the vehicle while still offering privacy and comfort.  There are many customization options available for GEM Cars, such as adding on storage carriers to the rear cargo area that can carry cases of water or guitar amplifiers.  GEM Cars also offer models with increased torque and All-Wheel Drive capability that allows your GEM Car to go off-roading on rough terrain.  This will allow you to drive your GEM Car through woods, on the beach or through rocky paths with ease.

As time progresses, GEM Cars will surely gain more notoriety and eventually GEM Cars will replace fuel-powered low-speed vehicles entirely.  There are so many practical uses that the GEM Car has to offer in a variety of situations and environments while providing many desirable advantages.  The GEM Car is affordable, energy-efficient, safe, and low-maintenance.  Most importantly, GEM Cars are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting our environment.  Once you take a ride in a GEM Car, you will quickly understand why it is a better alternative, not to mention-- how fun GEM Cars are to maneuver!