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Popular Myths Surrounding Car Batteries

It is never a convenient time when you try to start your car and finding out that the car battery has died. Most vehicle owners will experience this at one point or another. There are usually two types of scenarios that can be attributed to this – either from negligence when we leave our car lights on for the evening, or failing to properly maintain the battery.

When it comes to battery maintenance, people tend to look to myths and misconceptions about car batteries to explain the sudden failure of their lead-acid car batteries. Many of these myths are based on misunderstandings and lack of knowledge. Here are a few of the most popular myths surrounding car batteries dispelled:

  • Batteries stored on concrete will discharge: In the past (say about 100 years ago) car batteries in wooden cases would discharge if placed on concrete. However today they are sealed in secure plastic containers which prevents any unintended leakage
  • Batteries will be fully charged by simply driving a car: While this myth might hold some merit, it will take a few hours of constant driving to fully charge a battery. Rather make use of a battery charger
  • A defective battery won’t affect starting: Weak car batteries will affect the starting of the vehicle. Should you replace your car battery then make sure that the alternator and voltage regulator are also in good condition
  • No power will be lost during storage: It is completely expected of any battery to discharge at a rate of between 2% to 25% per month of storage.

Always seek professional advice when dealing with car batteries. If you are looking for an expert in gem car batteries, contact Gem Car Parts Direct for professional and experienced advice and service.