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Most Popular GEM Car Parts & Accessories for a More Enjoyable Ride

Whether you are hitting the golf course or driving around your community, there are plenty of gem car parts and accessories that you might want to add to your car to make life easier and the ride more enjoyable.

Heater & Defogger - A heater and defogger are definitely worth installing for the winter months. Not only will you be more comfortable but you will be able to see where you are driving!

Stereo Console or Stereo System - Music is a must when driving around town or on the golf course. Whether you are looking to fit a custom stereo or you are looking for the standard GEM stereo system, you can quickly install stereos in your GEM car.

Hard Doors - A must have GEM car part is you are looking for ultimate protection from rain, wind, sleet and anything else the weather throws at you.

Dash Mounted Fan - With a flip of a switch, the dash mounted fan provides air circulation to help keep you a little cooler on those warm days.

Linksback - This is a must for the golfers out there. Removable golf bag holder carries two golf bags, plus two separate containers and a central basket for accessories.

There are so many gem car parts and accessories to choose from you can customize your gem car to meet your needs.