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Jazz Up Your Gem Car With Accessories

gem car accessoriesA car is a status symbol and an extension of one’s personality. Choose from a range of Gem Car accessories to reflect your true colors and jazz up your car. There are various interchangeable parts of gem car that can be changed to suit your style.

Here are some examples of Gem car accessories:

  • Use a new Gem Car door as an accessory. Driving your Gem Car with an open cockpit is not so fun all the time. For a rainy day make sure you have a Gem Car door installed that is either white or clear and can be installed easily.
  • Another accessory you can acquire is a Gem Car cover. Get a custom fitted car cover that will protect your priced vehicle from the interior and exterior elements.
  • If you want to show off your adventurous side of your personality invest in a bike rack. It will make it easy for you to get out of town when you want to explore the outdoors on a bike.
  • Do some heavy lifting with your Gem Car. Get the front hitch Gem car accessory and you will never use a truck to maneuver your boat or trailer around your property again. It will definitely come in handy if you don’t know somebody with a truck.  Don’t borrow your neighbor’s truck at an inconvenient time; rather invest in your own front hitch.
  • Keep your Gem Car batteries fully charged without running the risk of letting your car slowly leak its charge. It can damage the batteries if you do not attend to it. Go for a charger upgrade that will fully charge your batteries for any length of time with a floating charging feature.
  • Add some top speed to your car by investing a gear radio kit. You can expect to increase your top speed with as much as 10 miles per hour using stock Gem Car wheels. If you are living in a flat area, this mod is definitely for you. Consider buying this car accessory with more care if your car climbs hills regularly as it would be harder on the car with this mod.