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GEM Car Safety Features

Apart from the fact that GEM cars have no harmful gasses, they also come with three main street-legal safety features that allow them to be driven on the road, as well as give passengers piece of mind.

3 point safety belts
All GEM vehicles come equipped with GEM car retractable 3 point seat belts. These seat belts are certified to meet FMVSS 302 and SAE J386 safety standards and add extra protection when braking or accidents occur.

Headlights allow drivers to see in dark, foggy, or rainy conditions. They also allow oncoming traffic to see the GEM cars traveling on the road.

Turn Signals
All GEM cars come equipped with turn signals. This allows other cars traveling on the road and pedestrians to know where your GEM car is going, reducing the chances of accidents on the course and on the road.

These safety features help you stay safe no matter where you are. Additional safety features that come standard are brake lights, horn, and mirrors. Windshields are also standard with automotive safety glass and wipers for a rainy day. Additional and replacement parts can be purchased and added to your GEM vehicle at any time.

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