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Fun Facts You May (Or May Not) Know About GEM Cars

The GEM Car is quite a unique little car. Many people are in love with them as they are sensible, cost-effective, and a blast to drive. Here are a few fun facts that you may or may not know about these distinctive vehicles.

Charge with any 110 outlet
The GEM Car is 100% electric, and unlike other electric cars, they charge with a regular household 110-volt outlet, with an average recharge time of 8-12 hours. If you need faster charge times, there is a fast charge package option that reduces charging times to under one hour!

More than 50,000 GEM vehicles worldwide
GEM Cars are more common than one might think. These vehicles are highly functional and cut down on the two biggest drawbacks of owning a traditional vehicle: pollution and gas. They are the perfect solution for transportation in small communities, campus management and tours, golfing, security patrol, and much more!

More than 450 Million miles of drive time.
That’s right – GEM cars have covered a distance of over 450 million miles, and this number is continuing to grow. Many people are seeing that these little cars fit perfectly in their lifestyle and as they get tired of maintaining a traditional vehicle, GEM cars are becoming more popular for getting around town.

More than 20 Million gallons of gas saved worldwide
The fact that GEM Cars have saved over 20 million gallons of gas is amazing! Just think of how much more gas can be saved as more people make the switch. While they aren’t for everyone, or every application, people who aren’t in a position to walk or ride a bike to work or school but live close enough to do so will appreciate the GEM car. People love saving money with a battery-powered car and not having to make frequent trips to the gas station each week.

Full customization
Want to make your GEM Car a little more comfortable? Add a dash fan, defogger, or doors. Install added safety features such as backup cameras and wide view mirrors. Pump up the volume with a new stereo system or make tours around campus more convenient with a PA system. The choices for customization are endless. Take a look at the GEM car accessories catalog to see a full list of options.