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Finding parts for a Gem Car

With a variety of configurations and customization options, GEM electric vehicles give you a more Eco-friendly way to move people to almost anywhere you need to go. Getting parts for your Gem car when wear and tear on parts has taken its course is also not a problem.

Although electrical driven vehicles can mostly be used as a neighborhood or city car due to the capacity of the battery and the top speed of the car it is designed using a unique style. All Gem cars feature an aerodynamic design, 72-volt battery with on-board charger and up to 35 miles of range as well as 12-inch street-rated tires. The cars are built with a steel frame and composite chassis. The Gem is one of the most economically feasible and versatile compact vehicles for transportation. Currently the six unique GEM models account for more than 45,000 cars on the road.

There are various reasons why the Gem Car is growing in popularity. One of the most attractive reasons is that it is eco-friendly. A Gem Car is a 100% electric and emits zero tailpipe emissions. All the Gem Cars are also equipped with various safety features like three point safety belts, turn signals, safety windshield glass and much more. The car is highly versatile and can be used for various reasons. You can run errands commuting to work or school, visiting family and friends, hauling equipment and patrolling parking lots, just to mention a few.

To make sure that you always have a service provider ready to help you when you need gem car parts for your car, Gem Car Parts Direct designed a website that is easily accessible, parts are only a click away.  This company have a large variety of parts like frame and chassis, front and rear suspension, steering parts, wheel end components, brakes, drive line components, as well as electrical and body car parts. Select your year to locate replacement miscellaneous Gem parts for your Gem car as well as shop around for accessories and decals.

For Gem Car Parts Direct, customers services is as important as sales. Their professional team wants to make sure that you buy the right part for your specific vehicle model. They have the largest selection of replacement parts and accessories for your GEM Car, all at the lowest prices.