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Do You Use Your GEM Car For Golfing? Here Are The Best Accessories For You!

GEM cars are great for small communities such as a golfing community.  They can be used to get around from place to place and around the golf course. In fact, some golf courses use GEM cars as their main source of transportation for their patrons.

If you are a golf fanatic and you use a GEM car out on the golf course, there are some great GEM car accessories that can help your golf game while also help you enjoy your time out on the course.

Gem Car Accessories for Golfing

Here are some gem car accessories you may want to consider purchasing.

  • LINKSBACK - The LINKSBACK is perfect for golfing. It is a removable golf bag holder that lets you carry two golf bags plus accessories in the main basket. It is important to note that a GEM car with a rear bumper cannot carry the LINKSBACK, you would have to remove your bumper first.
  • Turf Tires - Turf tires can either come in a chrome finish or polished aluminum finish and are rated to be used both on and off the road. Many golf courses accept these types of tires and passengers are impressed with the smooth ride they provide.
  • Fold Down STAKEBACK Kit - While this kit isn't specifically made with golfing in mind, it is a flexible way to move things such as your golf bag from place to place. When you are not moving your golf bag it can be used to move and carry other items around as needed.
  • Rubber Floor Mats - Rubber floor mats are a great way to protect your GEM cars floor from dirt and scuff marks. You won't have to worry while you are out on the course and when you get home they can be easily hosed off.
  • Dash Mounted Fan - A dash mounted fan can help you cool off between holes. Fans can be installed on both sides of your car so that both you and your passengers can enjoy a nice cool breeze as you get from hole to hole.
  • Grab Handles - When you are getting to the end of the course and your energy is starting to sink, grab handles can be a great help when getting in and out of your GEM car. They can easily be added to each side of the car for convenience and ease.

With so many GEM car accessories available, you can customize your car to make it the perfect golfing vehicle.

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