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Benefits of GEM Car Doors

If you are a current owner of a GEM car or you are considering purchasing one, you may be wondering what extras may come in handy for your new car.

Gem car doors are a great thing to consider when regularly using a GEM car. Basic GEM models do not come with doors, however with the different GEM car doors available as add-ons you can find the right doors to suit your needs, allowing you to enjoy your car year round.

Benefits of GEM Car Doors

Hard Doors- Hard doors made from ABS plastic can add style to your GEM car and they are also extremely functional. These hard doors are lightweight however they can protect the indoor of your GEM car. They have full door function including sliding windows, allowing you to have control over the temperature inside your GEM cars. Hard doors can help keep the elements out allowing you to drive your GEM car year round.

Soft Enclosure - The soft weather enclosure allows you to quickly convert your GEM car, offering you protection from the elements but still allowing you that open cab feeling when needed. These soft enclosures include GEM car doors that can be easily accessed. These enclosures can also be removed easily as needed.

Framed Canvas Door - These doors feature the durable Sunbrella canvas material and a durable aluminum frame. You can protect your GEM car from the elements while still having easy access via the functional handled doors. These GEM car doors also feature a zip open window and can be removed quickly to give you the open cab feel when wanted.

As you can see adding a door to your GEM car can help protect you and the inside of your car from the elements, while also allowing you the full functionality of a car. The soft cover models allow you to quickly transform your GEM car from the open air feel to a more enclosed cozy environment, while the hard model allows you to use your GEM car like a classic car adding a sleek modern look.

Where to Purchase gem Car Doors

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