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A Brief History of GEM Cars

Gem Cars, also known as the Global Electric Motorcars, is part of the Polaris Industries group.  These battery-electric vehicles can be seen across the U.S thanks to the fact that they are legal to drive on the street in nearly every state across the country.

GEM cars are perfect for neighborhood roads as they only have a top speed of 25 mph. One charge and they can go up to 30 miles and it takes around eight hours to recharge them.

The History of GEM Cars

The History of GEM Cars

Founded in 1992 by a team of engineers that had previously worked with General Motor, the GEM production team started out under the name of Trans2.

This company was moved to Fargo in North Dakota after it was purchased by a group of investors. The Global Electric Motorcars team designed and manufactured the first 48-Volt Gem vehicle in 1998. This vehicle allowed for two passengers and could drive up to 20 mph.

The NHTSA designated a new class of motor vehicle just two months after the first GEM car was manufactured. This allowed for low-speed vehicles, including GEM cars, to be driven on public streets that had a speed limit up to 35 mph.

There were certain criteria that had to be met in order for these cars to drive on the road. These included safety belts, safety glass, headlamps, and wipers. The manufacturers of GEM cars quickly made sure that each car made included these safety features.

In 2000 after creating four models of the GEM vehicle, Daimler Chrysler Corporation purchased Global Electric Motorcars. It took them till 2004 to start producing new models of the GEM cars, however by January 2006 GEM had over 150 dealers.

In June 2010, Global Electric Motorcars introduced the first right-hand drive GEM electric vehicle to the market. Thirteen months later the current owner, Polaris, purchased Global Electric Motorcars.

Since 1998, there have been 50,000 GEM vehicles built and put on the market. Many of these vehicles are used for golf courses, apartment complexes, resorts, government agencies, universities, corporate campuses and individuals who wish to drive electric cars.

Caring for GEM Cars

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