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7 Most Popular GEM Car Accessories

GEM owners are a special breed of people. They care about the environment and love the fact that their electric cars can be plugged into a standard household outlet and won't create any emissions. They also enjoy being able to drive in a quiet, smooth and reliable ride that saves them 64% over owning a standard car. Perhaps most of all, GEM owners love to accessorize their cars. Shoppers can visit GEM Car Parts Direct to shop the most popular accessories on the market that will make your GEM car even more fun and functional.

1. Weather Enclosures

A durable and lightweight weather enclosure will help protect passengers from the elements. It simply zips onto your car, making it easy to both install and remove. The fold up design also allows you to roll up the doors and windows to enjoy full access to the cab without having to remove the entire enclosure. This convenient solution will allow you to stay clean and dry in any weather conditions.

2. Max Box

If you use your GEM car for a variety of different tasks including commercial purposes, then a Max Box may be the right solution for transporting equipment. This metal enclosure can be installed on the bed of your car and provide shelving, roll up doors and a back brake light for maximum safety and convenience. The Max Box will allow you to safely transports tools and supplies and keep them securely locked up while you go about your business.

3. Mud Flaps

Keep your vehicle clean and prevent dirt and debris from hitting passengers with stylish and durable mud flaps. No matter what size tires you have on your GEM car, there is a product to fit your vehicle.

4. Bumpers

Provide added protection from scratches and dings with your option of both front and rear bumpers made from chrome and other durable metals. This stylish accessory with give your GEM car a unique, sporty look and help keep it in pristine condition.

5. Floor Mats

Add another level of protection and sophistication with custom car mats. Both carpet and rubber models are available. Affordable floor mats will prolong the life your GEM car and protect the interior from wear and tear. They also provide even more style to an already eye-catching vehicle.

6. Wheels

Really take your GEM car to the next level with wheels that are sure to draw attention. Both chrome and aluminum options are available and provide the perfect accessory. These durable wheels also increase your off-road capabilities and make your GEM car even better equipped to easily handle rugged terrain.

7. Overhead Stereo System

Every GEM car owner will tell you how much fun it is to drive one of these electric vehicles, but you can really enjoy your ride with a stereo system that comes with a radio, CD player and a hook-up for your iPod. Listen to your favorite music as you cruise around town with your friends and family.

GEM car owners use their vehicles for a variety of purposes. Many people who typically only travel short distances find that they are a great, money saving solution. Large facilities, such as universities and golf courses also find them useful for completing maintenance projects. No matter how you use your GEM car, there is an accessory out there that will make your vehicle even more handy and functional.