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10 Things to Know About a GEM Car

Owning a GEM Car is sensible, cost-effective and fun. These electric vehicles are used widely in commercial settings, such as college campuses, national parks and parking lots. Since they are light on fuel and easy to maneuver, people can get around easier and ensure that the areas they are patrolling are kept safe and maintained.

But did you know that GEM cars are also street legal and can be used by everyday people to run errands, drop the kids off at school or drive to work? There’s probably a lot you don’t about GEM cars, and below are ten of the most fascinating things about them!

1. Eco-Friendly. GEM cars are 100% electric and emit zero tailpipe emissions. More families and commercial settings are choosing electric vehicles to lower their carbon footprint and help save the planet, especially when only short distances need to be driven.

2. Street Legal. The National Traffic Safety Administration classifies GEM cars as low-speed vehicles, which makes them legal in 35 mph or less zones in nearly all 50 states. They are ideal for getting around town, driving to work or school or running errands.

3. 30 Miles of Battery Life. GEM cars can travel up to 30 miles per charge, on average. But electric cars are always getting better, and some GEM cars today can get as many as 40 miles per charge. Many factors affect this, such as the driving conditions, terrain, battery age, tire pressure and driving habits. When you consider how much you can do in 30-40 miles around town, it’s not too shabby!
4. Top speeds of 25 mph. To meet Federal Low-Speed Vehicle requirements, GEM cars are designed to go 25 mph. This is what makes GEM cars perfect for getting around neighborhoods and the local town - and you don’t have to worry about speeding!

5. Charge with any 110 outlet. Recharging a GEM car is easy, and no special equipment is needed. Simply plug the battery into any 110-volt outlet and the battery will recharge in 8-12 hours, on average. If you need faster charge times, consider purchasing a fast charge package that reduces charging times to under one hour!

6.  Full customization. Add custom wheels or soft doors. Install added safety features such as backup cameras and mirrors. Pump up the volume with a new stereo system or make tours around campus more convenient with a PA system. The choices for customization are endless. Take a look at the GEM car accessories catalog to see a full list of options.

7. Global Electric Motorcars. Global Electric Motorcars is what GEM stands for. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries. They have been in business since 1998 and have sold over 50,000 battery-electric vehicles since this time. You can find their vehicles at many Chrysler and GEM-authorized dealerships.

8. More than 50,000 GEM vehicles worldwide. There is no shortage of GEM cars, and for good reason. These vehicles are highly functional and cut down on the two biggest drawbacks of owning a traditional vehicle: pollution and gas. People love saving money with a battery-powered car and not having to make frequent trips to the gas station each week.

9. More than 450 Million miles of drive time. That’s right - GEM cars have covered over 450 million miles of drive time, and this number keeps going up. As more people get tired of maintaining a traditional vehicle, GEM cars become more attractive and practical for getting around town.

10. More than 20 Million gallons of gas saved worldwide. It’s nice to see that battery-powered vehicles are making a difference for our planet, and the fact that they have saved over 20 million gallons of gas thus far is amazing! Just think of how much more gas can be saved by driving battery-powered vehicles. While they aren’t for everyone, or every application, people who aren’t in a position to walk or ride a bike to work or school but live close enough to do so will appreciate the GEM car.
GEM Car Parts Direct is an Authorized Dealer of Global Electric Motorcars, LLC and is based in Palatka, Florida.